It is adapted to everyday use according to the lines of use of pure wood on yachts and boats. It consists of products whose aesthetic value is increased with patina paint.



The self-confidence in the carefully designed furniture details adds spirit to the place where the product is exhibited. Combining black aged tobacco color with brass details commonly used in British, French, American country styles, the Exclusive collection adds value to the furniture. 



As a design, industrial and decorative design comes to the forefront. The original designs were created by Sherwood design group.



Wood and metal are adapted to today's line and constitute the only examples of industrial trend.



All designs are finished in genuine leather. They all have a distinct identity, color, texture.



It is a collection of special designs where sustainable materials are also used and details are brought to the forefront.

In addition to the characteristic impressions we bring to our wooden furniture, as Sherwood team, we aim to strengthen our project department and create complex spaces with our slogan "The way of country living". Our collectible products make sense in fully stylish spaces. Our design concern allows you to have a pleasant R&D process with our team. As our quality of life increases, we pursue aesthetics and style; We want to emphasize our style in our environment, in the environment we live in. Well-designed spaces carry human beings to different dimensions. Therefore, design is a quality-based philosophical discipline. Our brand, which adopts absolute customer satisfaction as a principle, has taken another step in terms of certification of production quality and has been entitled to receive ISO9001 certificate. We wish you to meet at Sherwood Project with pleasant details and thoughtful small touches that add meaning to your life.


Using our experience and market power; In addition to the service packages that will always exist in the market with high quality, high reliability, and effective projects that will increase the brand awareness that makes a name for itself with alternative packages, it is to maintain our existence as a long-term large institution with a large and strong project - application network, which is committed to values and respectful, and has a long-term long term with its application network. 

Without compromising our basic values, to offer the perfection of every work done to consumers with quality awareness, to find and recommend professional solutions by using technological opportunities and market power to the fullest, to work in order to keep customer satisfaction and quality at the highest level within the framework of continuity.